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      "I shall do nothing of the kind," said the Aid sternly. "Don't you dare approach me in that w-ay. Go back to your duties at once. I shall punish you for disrespect to me and threatening an officer. Fall back, sir, I tell you."

      "I'm here, old feller," said Reuben with a clumsy effort at tenderness.

      It was too bad Norma didn't know that.

      Chapter 4

      In order to deal with this unprecedented emergency, it would be advisable to have your thoughts on the matter. With these in hand...."Where is this place?"


      "Oh Lard! perhaps I'd better bolt fur it.No, I'll square him out. You'll stand by me, Tilly?"Shorty returned to the fire. Si bade the boys he down again, and took his own blanket. Shorty relighted his pipe, took out his never-failing deck of cards and began running them over.


      "Fine lot o' marksmen you are, for a fact. Halfa dozen o' you bangin' away at a hundred yards, and not comin' close enough to a nigger to let him know you was shootin' at him. Now will you lay down and go to sleep? Here, Si, you take charge o' this gang and let me go to sleep. I've had enough o' them for one night."But no man on Fruyling's World could see the Alberts without preconceptions. They were not Alberts: they were slaves, as the men were masters. And slavery, named and accepted, has traditionally been harder on the master than the slave.


      "That's all right," they shouted. "We're glad we're in the 200th Injianny, but we want to be in Co. Q."


      "It's late."